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The Language of the Cosmos

What I believe about stars is that they are poems from the deeper sky. We try to translate them but we're laying numbers on argent poetry and looking for alignment, and I think all that will get us in the end is finding out how much we think about stars, and not about stars themselves. Maybe they burn for each other across the long dark, and when they shrink it's from sorrow, or a way of giving birth to themselves in a sky beneath our sky, a place we have not yet imagined.

Maybe the universe connected Hawking, Galileo, and Einstein forever to the same date because she wanted to say listen to my song. Three great men who spoke with profound intellects about the science of life - and the universe trumped them inexplicably, powerfully, with time.

We have a name for that. We call it coincidence. We have a name for everything, don't we. Maybe the universe was telling us this week that we

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