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The Winged Woman

Wind is dancing through my house, stirring shawls and curtains, making it seem like the rooms have wings inside of them. The idea captivates me. When we think of wings as the manifestation of our spirit, our determination and hope, we envision them rising from shoulderblades, feathered or translucent, lifting us up to our dreams. But what if our wings are inside us? What if they are not material things, or even made of cloth-of-wishes, but are wind?

The breath of the Great Spirit, or God, or the trickster-god, or the lord of Change - the stirring of wild love through us all.

Perhaps we are uplifted by something that is within us but not of us, and all we are required to do is trust in love ... to open our mental doors, open our soul windows, and let it through, let it move us to where we might go.

photograph by vivienne mok


  1. Winged curtains - I love your poetic descriptions!

  2. "perhaps...all that we are required to do is trust in love"

    ---to be breathed through by a force greater than any one of us standing alone, yes...to trust in this "wild love" as you named it. I like this.


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