wild and dreaming stories from the edge of the world

The Pilgrim Leaf

A leaf is cartwheeling up the path. It clatters like one of the bright wooden devices my favourite primary school teacher would pull out of a basket and call a musical instrument. It is making a travelling song.

This leaf, it's been in the sky, and now it moves along paths and grasses, luminous and dirt-specked, waiting until the wind is done with it, and the light gone off it, so it can begin the long disintegration back into the belly of the earth.

And now it's coming down the path again - going nowhere really, just around and about as the breezes play - but making a journey of Life, regardless.

I guess we could all say the same.


  1. And wouldn't it be healing if that sort of journeying was considered enough...by us and by others? xo

  2. we are tumbling leaves
    i like that thought

  3. I just read your email letter. You asked for the blessings in my day.
    One, is the moon this night. After a milky gray day, the sky clears to show off the light of the sun portraying part of the moon and a halo of light surrounds. My heart responds. Most certainly a holy place.

  4. leaf-life
    light-lapped, lovely,
    lightly lilting
    til lush longing
    lands it
    at last