wild and dreaming stories from the edge of the world

The Leshy's Captive

I have been into the forest on an old forsaken island, where silence stands in the spaces between the trees. I can't tell you for sure that I came out again. Sometimes at night, or in the worst heat of a summer's day, I feel fungal shadows inside my bones, and the touch of pine needles against my cheek. I can hear silence, regardless of traffic noise and children playing. And this is when I think not that I'm still in the forest, but the forest is in me, perhaps even more so than I am myself - that one afternoon when I was thirteen I wandered through a forgotten forest far out to sea, and got taken up by the trees.


  1. Oh yes... I know this place well... I dwell in the silence, among the trees, and am indwelt by them xxx

  2. how lovely to have a forest inside. everyone should have that.