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My Little Chapel By the Sea

The evening is grey and quiet and shaken with wind. We have had such awful heat lately, this wildness brings some hope for cooling rain. It will obscure the super blue blood moon eclipse, but I don't mind that myself. Every moon is a miracle to me. Last night it drifted so gently through the night sky, with just a little scab of dark along one edge to prevent it being full ... I don't know why full should be special; to me, the becoming is just as beautiful.

The little hanging chimes I have, made ouf of beads and seashells, are swaying, and I could sway too because the wind calls the heart to dance. As I look around the room, seeing the mess, I notice tiny lovely things too - the chimes, my grandmother's lace tablecloth, some jasmine I gathered from a hedge while out riding the other night. They are not in an instagram-worthy environment, but on nights like this, when real feels better than any nice photograph, that doesn't matter. They are like small offerings in a chapel. A quiet, ordinary chapel by the sea where prayers come as swept floors, clean sheets, wild jasmine. Where communion is breakfast, moonlight the altar. And every day is sacred.

illustration james r. eads


  1. "every day is sacred"...absolutely.
    and real always feels better than a glossy fantasy,
    if we keep our eyes awake to the real beauty.

  2. I agree that "every day is sacred." My spouse and daughter went out to photograph it. Astronomy is one of my daughter's hobbies and they are both learning night photography. They took a few cool photos. It appears mostly red here on the telescope except for a small part. So sort of an opposite. xoxo Su

  3. Sounds lovely, your home.
    Yes, all the moons are a joy to see.

  4. Your words here are like an offering, a keepsake. I want to fold them inside a scrap of silk, and put them on my altar. A reminder to myself, that yes, every day is sacred.

    Also, I've been thinking of you lately and "your moons". By that I mean, the way you name the moons of the year. I would so love to know them. I remember you posting about this, some time ago, and it has stayed with me, even though my memory is poor these days. x

  5. Ahhhh...no need for a photo with such words. The everyday deep. This is so nourishing. xo

    1. And I feel the same about the moon, tho' I always raise a glass of wine to the full moon for my mother's sake, who loved her so.

  6. I like this. Whenever a big moon comes around I always feel like I'm missing something because everyone else is so into it. But I feel as you do, they're all special and I take the moon any way I can find her, when the time is right for me.


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