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The Legacy of An Ordinary Woman

There was a woman who lived quietly in the world. She won no awards, saved no lives. Mostly, she did the best she could to get by.

But she loved. People, trees, skies, animals, moments, promises, roads, words. She took the time as much as she could for wonder, enchantment, and appreciation.

She did nothing great with this love. Her art was small, simple, like her life. She would never be famous. She would probably be forgotten.

But love needs no fame to thrive. Each smile she gave to a stranger, each flower she pressed in a library book, each hug for an unhappy child, each moment in which her love shone out, would not die. It would echo on down through time. The books she wrote would be those quiet words of encouragement someone got stuck in the back of their mind. The art she painted would be memories someone could look back upon always to make them smile. The healing she did would be taught on through the generations - how to bandage a little scrape, how to sing a lullaby. She was making a legacy, even in the quiet, getting by.

illustration errol le cain


  1. Thank you for writing this. It's not always easy to move quietly through the world. For so long I've felt that I should be louder...but in the end I think I would like to just love...quietly.

  2. Your stories often leave me undone. This is definitely one of them. Thankyou for such a beautiful gift. x

  3. Posting on the Free Range Learning page today, because beauty like this must be shared.

    1. Your piece really struck a chord, Sarah. It hasn't been up a full day yet and has been enthusiastically "liked" "loved" and shared. Thank you for writing what so many of us feel.

    2. Thank you Laura for sharing it and letting me know. I was amazed to see how many views it's had, especially considering it was just a quick little post. But written from the heart :) I so much appreciate your support.

  4. A small song is no less beautiful than a big one. It may be more widely influential than a grand operatic one, in the number of people whose daily life is bettered and comforted by hearing it...

  5. Shared with a friend who was doubting her worth today

  6. Thank you so much everyone. These comments really lift my heart. I am deeply grateful that my words might encourage or help someone.

  7. LOVED this, Sarah!

    “But love needs no fame to thrive.”

    That line is perfection.

  8. Thank you so much for this thoughtful and tender sentiment. You've put into words my hopes for living in this world, and how I hope to relate to others. I have just stumbled across your work and am loving it. Thank you!


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