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the dark beneath the stars

Some people find their way best in the wild and gentle darkness. Perhaps that is why we have day and night. Perhaps there is enough of everything for all the different hearts.

I tried to write more, but that is all I had to say.

Empty rooms fill with light : by Asia Suler
Rainology : I have reopened my photography gallery and will be sharing the pictures I choose to take, not the ones which are preferred on instagram, not any lures for likes.

I thought I remembered going down into the dark to where the stars were. So I wrote asking my brother, and he remembered too. Into the earth, into the secret river, under a vast constellation of old, buried stars. It felt like a rebirthing, this going backwards through the tunnel into a black rock womb. It makes me wonder how many times we clamber back in, and are washed back out - how many times we are born and born and born.


  1. I would like to think that there is enough every thing.... for all the different hearts. Such an interesting thought.

  2. stars in the underworld---or otherworld---darkness...what a beautiful thing.


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