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she dreams in storms and velvet

sometimes the rain
in your heart, in the dark
sometimes a wild sea storm

and you dance because you must
that's the way your body goes
your heart, your dark
your wild secret soul

you dance the world
that no one knows
rain, and sea, and storm

they would know
looking at you
if only they really looked


  1. yes, if only....
    maybe the secret it to look that deeply at one another
    which might bring that deep looking out of the other.

    I received an email from a friend this morning, he wrote:
    I went with a friend who totally "gets me" and "sees/feels me."

    It is a treasured experience to see and be seen at a deep real place.

  2. Replies
    1. thank you. I appreciate all your recent comments and answered you properly on the one for the Frog Prince story :-) Have a lovely day.


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