on a peaceful spring evening

It is the late cusp of the day. My front door is open to golden light and old soft tranquility and not even the slightest breeze. Birdsong is strewn through the peace. It's such a lovely last hour to a lovely sea-scented day.

True, the rooms of my house are hazy with smoke because I burned dinner, but I don't mind. It doesn't spoil the contentment; infact, it some ways it is actually an addition to the contentment: it could be fixed with a new dinner and all the windows opened and no need to get upset. I'm finally learning in my deepening age that very few things warrant getting upset. Why waste this precious spring evening being distressed by a charred pot? I have baking soda to clean it, and a sunset to watch.


  1. Your upbeat post truly helped me today.
    Sometimes I see the world around me in an untrue light. Depression hit me today, rather hard. No reason.
    I was hoping to find a post from you, I really needed it. ♥

    1. I'm sorry about the depression. ((Hugs)) I am so glad that my words helped. <3

  2. too right. sunset and tranquility outweigh a minor domestic mishap, and if you hadn't seen that, you would have missed all that beauty and peace! if only we could always remember this!

  3. Yes - better to enjoy the fleeting moments of beauty!