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Falling into Beauty and Love

My previous post was a quote from Nicholas Sparks, whose books are popular but not what anyone would consider literary fiction. I myself have not read any, although (or perhaps because) I watched the movie version of The Notebook. But I loved the quote, and I thought it proved something I wholeheartedly believe - that you can find wisdom, inspiration, and beautiful truth in ordinary kinds of books, romance novels, adventurous fantasy novels, comedies. Where ever there is love made into words, where ever there is sincere writing, soulfulness can shine through.

That is why I personally would never tell someone to write from their fear, or that it's good if composing their story makes them terrified - deep truth seldom comes that way. Fear not, the angels say. Open your heart instead to sacred truth, to beauty, to eternity.

nikolay krusser

I would also say that fear is the shadow of love, it shows us what we love. You are never afraid over something you don't care about. Even so, fear makes us close in, rather than lifting our souls to the endless peace out beyond the stars, beyond the walls of the world. That's why, if anyone asked me, I would say write not from fear but from love, hope, and your own inspiration.

(I am not talking about genre here, only about the source of a writer's creativity. Love and beauty may be found in the likes of thrillers and mysteries, too.)

Last week I watched a ballerina fall with exquisite grace and trust into the hands of her partner, who then lifted her high so that she was soaring. It brought reverent tears to my eyes. Never have words of fear stirred me in that way. I've walked out of churches which tell me to fear rather than fall into the hands of God. I've closed books which I know will not lift me up but will instead drop me deliberately so that I am bruised and stunned half out of myself. Clever books, classic books. It doesn't matter to me how wonderful the words may be if they are not made from love and will not, for a little while, partner me in the gorgeous dance of life. 


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