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The Healing of Home

As a storm tumbles around my cottage, I have been cleaning, although I don't think you can see much difference. I need new furniture! Sometimes it feels wrong to think of mundanities like furniture when the real focus should be on soulful things, but then again the home environment we create for ourselves can be a source of healing and dearly needed peace.

I think that's true also of our neighbourhood environment. My personal vision of utopia is small, circular communities centred around communal gardens, with communal responsibility for waterways and woodlands and air quality. Everyone working to support themselves and each other within the community and in networks with other communities. Fairs, gatherings, harvests. The old village way.

It's really about love, isn't it? And kindness. Not only to each other, but ourselves. If we have sofas and cushions and tables that we love, it's easier to give love to the world; to be happier, easier, more benevolent. If we have a little garden to care for, we may be more tender-hearted towards other people, because we've been softened by the dirt. If we see beauty when we look out our windows, we become more able to see it everywhere, because we trust in its existence.

I can't afford new furniture right now. My view is all ugliness. But I have flowers in little jars, and wishes washed into the linens, and some wonderful neighbours. And maybe one day I will put notes in letterboxes along the street, inviting everyone to afternoon tea. Just for now, though, I will go wash the windows. Have a beautiful day.

art by carl larsson


  1. I can reccomend buying some pretty blankets or sheets or fabric and throwing it over the ugly furniture. Layering fabric can cozy things up while you plot , save, watch the used ads, etc. I found a lovely flannel fitted sheet that I tucked over the couch cushions, and put a throw on the back cushions and it is much better, now!

    1. thank you, I already do that :-) And the furniture isn't really ugly, just old :-)

    2. We cover our sofa, too, with layers of throws and even a huge scarf.. all found at secondhand sales. One day, maybe, a new sofa, but then I wouldn't cover it with these beautiful patterns and prints. Twenty years ago I doubt I'd agreed with today's me. Life evolves.
      I like your vision of community. I can feel the love. ♥

  2. Ah Carl Larsson, bless. I grew up with lots of his art/books because my mother was longingly in love with that style. ...

  3. I've been struggling with this too lately, the dream of something else. Sometimes I have to stop and say thank you, because I am grateful. I've been blessed with so many things, beautiful things, and I don't want my dreaming of something else to take me away from seeing that. So I'm focusing again on the little things, the misty forest outside my window :) My heart ache a little for something else, but if I were to leave this place I would miss that too...This has been my experience in the past as well.

    Love your vision of people working together, helping each other through love. Love seems to be the answer to almost everything. At the core of so many problems - a lack of love. And wisdom.

  4. oh, yes! sometimes i feel that the way forward lies in looking backward to what was good about the past and bringing it back. village-based life definitely had some soulful and very practical qualities that we would do well to reclaim.


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