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tea and a book

As I listened to fine-stranded, rain-twined birdsong this morning before dawn, I found myself imagining the world made each day by sparrow sound and starling trills - a mirage from music, a little bird dream.

The sky is the colour and cold of a solemn winter sea. I've been feeling my British heritage particularly, so bought myself a jam sponge roll and had it with tea and the quiet contemplations of my worries. It seemed very British indeed.

For those of you who would like a handmade, signed, print copy of Deep in the Far Away, as pictured above, I have the cost of it for you ...

The book itself is (US currency) $18.00

Postage to American, UK, or Europe is (US Currency) $16.00

Postage to Australia is (US Currency) $8.40

I have very limited copies as it is time consuming to make them. If you have already requested one, you're fine, you can go ahead and make your donation via PayPal, and don't forget to leave a note stating what you are requesting. (If the costs have proven too high for you, my apologies, this is why I usually offer only ebooks - you may withdraw your request with no problems.)

Thank you for your donation, all money after costs are covered goes to fundraising.

I have only four more print copies to offer. Otherwise, may I suggest the ebook version?

Please note it will take time for the book to reach you. I have only a few particular days I can visit the printer, and then I need to make the books, and then they're a while in the post.

And now the morning swells with sunshine, the dew-laden grass is twinkling, and I think we will have a bright day after all.


  1. This post made my heart beat fast with happiness: the pretty jam roll, your beautiful novel, and your words, "I found myself imagining the world made each day by sparrow sound and starling trills - a mirage from music, a little bird dream."

    I love the moments when I feel a connection to some aspect of my heritage, and often wish I had been left artifacts to hold and examine, a diary or old letters, nesting dolls, a locket, a bit of old silk or lace, or a medicine pouch. But instead, the tilt of my eyes, the sound of my voice, the hue of my skin and hair, and the inclinations of my heart show the path of my ancestors.

    I cannot wait to hold your beautiful book in my hands.♥

  2. So, if I make a donation of 34 USD using the donate button on your books page you'll send me the REAL copy to hold in my hand, is that right? Sorry, the brain's very foggy today...

    1. Yes that's right. But there are only two copies left of this print run so don't delay :-)

    2. Just done it, I think :/ Hope I've got it right... fingers crossed x

  3. Do you still have a copy left?

    1. Yes I can make a copy for you :-) But I go to the printer in a couple of days so if you don't want an even longer delay you'll need to get in quick :-)

    2. Just sent you a donation. Thank you! It will be a delight to have a copy to curl up with on the sofa. :)


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