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morning flowers

I went out early this morning between the sun and the moon. This is such a lovely time of day, at a lovely time of the year. Magnolia trees are blossoming, great wings of pink or white unfurling from what seemed to be no more than upright sticks. Daisy bushes are growing plumper. The fences soften with jasmine and, to be honest, some purple flower whose name I don't know but it looks like a butterfly tucked in amongst leaves. I've never really felt compelled to learn flower names. It seems such a colonial approach to wild beauty.

The days stretch gently. It saddens me, and yet in other ways I am looking forward to spring.

the paths littered with camellias
windows lush with morning sun
riding along quiet little roads in search of hedgeflowers
replenishing my garden
storms shaken out of the frost-coloured stars
thrush song and bird nests
cold skies
sinking my toes into the countryside
reading old books beside the sea
dinner on the front doorstep
white witch winds coming down from the hills
lemonade and scones
bees on the rosemary, butterflies


  1. i always feel it would be churlish not to appreciate spring, yet in my heart of hearts i do rather cling to winter... maybe that is one reason for the beauty of flowers---they coax us out into the new season?

    1. I am torn because although I love spring and always feel wooed by it, I love winter too. The god who is young and who is old. It's only summer I can't abide (and unfortunately summer lasts about six months here.)

  2. What a gentle start to the day!

    1. It was indeed :-) Although perhaps I will spoil it by confessing that I was out so early because I was taking my rubbish to the roadside ;-)

  3. I love the name 'the moon's quiet daughter', love the gentle images and poetic words... as we tip into Autumn's golden light, you awake to Spring (my 2nd favourite season :) ) Enjoy xx

    1. thank you, I love that name too <3 it reminds me of one of my favourite stories that I've written, Wintering (in The Coracle Sky.) Should I say that I have favourite stories, is that boastful and gauche? Oh dear!

    2. Definitely not! If you enjoyed writing it and reading it, that is not boastful, it's sharing the joy :) xx

  4. You perfectly capture the beauty of the in-between times: the moment perched on the edge of daybreak, the joyous wrestle of seasons before one finally retreats. I think these are the times I love best, although there is much to savor in each season. Love your list. (and your new blog name).♥


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