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if the world should end

What can we ever do, those of us who have only quiet voices, except love life and love each other? Every day may have a hundred endings. We can't even be sure when they might come. The only thing we ever know is that we can love.

Unless we do have a voice. And then, what else is there ever worth speaking but love? I don't understand the voices raised in hatred these days. What were millions of children taught all through their school years that they now have no preference for love - for using their voice and vote in the service of peace, kindness, welcome?

Maybe we need in education a few more irrelevancies that are simply beauties. Maybe we need uplifting to see that the world can be worth more than it feels like in our own lives, so we speak, work, vote, for the ideal. Maybe we need our children to be educated not to become merely a participant in commerce but a noble soul.


  1. Oh, there is so much to love about this post... the quote (from where?), your wise words, your images (altho' Persuasion, really? I think it's her least rich...). I think schooling took a downturn as soon as they stopped teaching Latin... It denied English-speaking children the chance to really love language, to learn the origins of words, to expand their vocabularies, to learn of gods and goddesses and epic tales of forbidden love...
    Yes, I could pontificate for hours of how Latin enriches the soul, but not as poetically as the quote you cited - it's THE perfect image xx

  2. I found the quote on tumblr and for the first time ever didn't think about the credit, oops. No time. Its very remiss of me, I usually do. I'll fix it in the morning (if I can sleep despite worrying about it!)

    We'll have to agree to disagree about Persuasion. I rank Jane's books thusly, in terms of literary quality anyway : Emma, Persuasion, Mansfield Park, Pride and Prejudice, Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sensibility. But I speak there as a literature major who was lucky enough to have an exceptionally brilliant Austen professor; as a reader I'd list them slightly differently (although to be honest not much. P&P is my least favourite.)

    I expect I will lose at least one friend by stating this opinion :-)

    1. Also I should say I used Persuasion because I can relate in some ways to its heroine. And yes, this discussion will be confusing for those reading it after I removed the picture referenced here! Sorry :-)

  3. amo, amas, amat, amamus, amatis, amant ...

    (I love, you love, h/s/i loves, we love, you all love, they love)

    Latin and Love, that's what we need to teach -- And if needs must, leave off the Latin, and just teach Love!

  4. so true. more beauty, yes, definitely... in education, in daily life. we need that; it humanizes us.

    and also, more tenderness at the start of lives, for without that infant and childhood experience of love, people grow up lacking trust, lacking compassion; and love remains as foreign as latin to them...

  5. Oh yes, I so agree - gentle loving care for our small ones. I believe the practice of letting them cry uncomforted is deplorable - oh, I could say stronger, but I better not!


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