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walking amongst flowers

What flowers grow from the cracks in your heart?

Yesterday I wrote of my belief that one should honour one's sorrows alongside one's blessings. For me, a separate thing entirely is noticing the various lovely things in a day. I've tried to do this for years, and online journalling has helped me a great deal, as has photography. I don't do it to be grateful but simply more aware. Nor do I focus only on loveliness. But I do try to notice the good things and tell my heart gently, see, there is beauty in this world, no matter where you are. 

I visited my favourite village florist today, as I do every week, and wandered through her shop putting together a little bouquet. It's always very inexpensive, just a small gathering of flowers. This time, she had various country garden style flowers in a bucket - discards, leftovers, including some lovely rosebuds. I was so delighted, but when I asked to buy them she was aghast. She finally agreed to wrap them for me, and charged me only for the one "proper" flower I had chosen. She begged me not to tell anyone where I got the bouquet from, or else her reputation would be destroyed.

I thought the flowers were beautiful. I did not care if they lasted only a few days. Their imperfection and fragility was what made them charming to me.

I think if you bring love, you will experience love.

I've had a lot to love this week. Making a little book of Suburban Magic for a very nice lady who took me quite by surprise by her generosity and friendliness. Receiving a wonderful, happy letter from a treasured friend. Rain (although not enough, never enough!) A favourite lunch treat. New plants for my garden. I've felt that I've been walking amongst beautiful tiny flowers overflowing from the cracks in my path. It slows me down. It makes me look where I am going and appreciate it.


  1. Concentration on what we have rather than on what we don't have makes life (and people) so much better.

    Lovely post today!

  2. agree with all of the above.

    also, in love with the line "what flowers grow from the cracks in your heart?"

    perhaps daily presence and appreciation are what help to ensure that what grows from those cracks is flowers, rather than thorns...

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