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a dream kind of day

If you follow me on facebook, I have moved (although don't expect much as I'm seldom there, and honestly the book in the picture above is a better one to read.) I'm wanting to reduce and streamline my online places and bring my mood more into quiet focus.

I have noticed even in myself a tendency to devalue quietness, to regret a small life, to think that calm and gentle days are somehow wasted. Don't we all want to be off on an adventure? Surrounded by friends? The truth is, visiting a new beach or forest is adventure to me. There's a deep fulfillment to be found in appreciating even the nearby things, even the mild excitements.

Today is my dream kind of day, clear in the morning, with rain promised for the afternoon. The moon was soft in a lush, foggy, black sky when I woke. A little while later, dawn swelled out of the sea like honey. It was warming, despite the lingering winter cold of the air - warming to a sleepy heart. I have new flowers to plant in my garden, daisies, white primula, and copies of Deep in the Far Away to finish. I'm going to make myself a copy of The Coracle Sky also - it is perhaps my favourite of my books, although Emma holds a special place in my heart. But in order to do any of that I must come out from under this cosy knitted blanket and get about myself for the day. I hope yours is a beautiful one, and wish you many blessings where ever you are in the world.


  1. sounds a perfectly lovely sort of day to me... :)

  2. I, also, had a delicious day - I ended up having the house to myself for several hours, so I had an impromptu silent mini-retreat (I didn't even speak to Molly-cat). I read, I wrote, I art-journalled, I prayed, I read some more - all silently. And I recognized, deep in my bones, a returning to my old, true, self (I used to take a silent 3-day retreat every year). When I lost my speech, after the stroke, I worked and worked with the speech-therapist to get it back. Then it took several years stumbling over words to eventually sound like 'me'. Yesterday, was the first time in 10 years, I was silent for 7 hours through choice, because I knew when the family returned from their various activities, words would be there to ask about their day...
    And oh, what a joy that was!
    Sorry, I didn't mean to ramble for pages :/ Your gentle writing always unlocks something in me...

  3. As for being quiet, you're being quite good at it - I didn't even know you were on FB. ;-)

  4. I love quietness, quietude. I seek it out. I used to think I may be wasting my time, not out saving the world, but not so much anymore. We should allow ourselves the choice, if we are free to do so.
    Visiting a forest or an ocean shore, new to us or an old friend, is an awfully good way to breathe. ♥

  5. It was hard to get to appreciation for the nearby things. Most likely because it wasn't by choice I found myself there. For a long time I felt caught in a stamp-sized space. Today I am deeply nurtured by the ordinary and the nearby.


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