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July 10, 2017

moonless magic

I missed the moon, but had instead the solace of the dark.

There's a certain kind of magic that happens when you're sent a message to go outside, see the moon, but it isn't visible from where you stand. The magic of disappointment : finding beauty in everything else. I may not have had the moon, hidden in the mess of suburbia behind my house, but I had the stars, the tentative bird song, the cold, the dark. An airplane was flying in from faraway lands, and its light was like a special star, made from old ingenious dreams, and carrying dreams, and making me too dream of all the places it had been.

I stood for quite a while in the chilled pre-dawn darkness, feeling a little like I was a moon myself, wrapped around with wild heavens.

(Later I got a description of the moon, which meant that it came along with a heart.)

This morning, I glanced out my laundry window and there it was. That same moon, but of course different since it was a different morning, a drier sky. (I think when we look at the moon we are seeing not only its illuminated surface but all the sky that comes before it, the weather and wishes and light and wind, and calling that moon too.) And I felt a different kind of disappointment.

engraving by Claude Mellan, 1635


  1. Last night, here, the moon was *so* large, and *so* bright, that when I awoke in the middle night hours and caught sight of it, I startled and lost my balance. (Mind, an easy thing for me to do in any case! But still ...).

    {{moon hugs}}