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July 5, 2017

deep in the far away

So I have rewritten Deep In The Far Away, moving it from a story that unfolded over twelve weeks into a more indepth novel. It contains extended scenes, new scenes ... and an epilogue for those who asked me what became of Emma in her uncertain future. (I myself had always wondered; the answer took me a little by surprise.)

Now the question is whether I will have it professionally printed, or print and bind it myself, or simply republish it as an ebook. The first two options are expensive, so I have to give it some consideration and see how much courage I can summon.

The process of revising the book was a real blessing to me. I fell in love all over again with Emma, and felt I was giving her story proper honour and care. For a long time now, when I've thought about writing another novel, all my plots have sounded suspiciously like echoes of Emma's story. Maybe now that I have dwelt in it more deeply, understanding better why the characters did some of the things they did, discovering secrets I'd not known before, I can let it go. (Although the epilogue does stir in my heart the possibility of future tales set in this almost-dystopian world!)

If you are interested in the new version, it would be nice to hear from you, and I will have news about its redistribution hopefully soon. As always, it will be a fundraising project for the coming season.

art by Florence Harrison. (I actually have a portrait of Richard & Emma framed on my wall, made for me especially, but it doesn't reproduce well on the screen.)


  1. Ooh! I am definitely interested. ;)

  2. Oh this makes me very happy to hear. Of course I would love to buy the physical book from you. But would also get the ebook if the physical version doesn't happen. Lovely to hear about your time spent with Emma :)

  3. Oh, yes! A chance to re-visit Richard & Emma would be lovely in an form you choose...

  4. I left a comment on FB but I'll leave one here, too - I'd love to buy a real-book version, e-books are just hard work for my brain and eyes :/

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