with rose-lit eyes

My rooms are coloured with rose light from the rising sun. It is gentleness, it is love. I thought about all the things I could share with you today, which is Queen's Birthday weekend in my old English colony of a country, and that seemed the best of them : gentleness, light, love.

Some people say it's a grim world, full of destruction and pain. But what I see are flower bouquets on bridges and songs uplifted to give people hope. Some other people say it's the end of days, but outside my house the king of the world is standing in his old brown coat, with his voice full of sunlight and dew-bright grass, and if I look at things his way for a moment, then this is the beginning, always.

It all depends on what we choose to see. We can choose the speck of evil or the abundance of good. We can choose to say truth is 2,000 years old or we can consider the 4,000 years of thought, experience, and revelation before that. We can focus on flowers or insults. I believe that how we see is a strong influence on who we become. I myself want to be rose light and wild song, and flowers given for love.


  1. What we see is a reflection of who we are inside. Love, flowers in bloom, and light to guide us through the tunnel of life. Greetings.

  2. this is so life-affirming to read just now... thank you.

  3. Indeed, Sarah, thank you! Daughter and I watched the Ariana Grande concert for Manchester last night on the BBC - especially powerful after more atrocities in London on Sat. night - all we saw was love, music, defiance. All on Pentecost Sunday - the day of the Spirit! Whatever one's beliefs, the reality of inspiration, divine breath, to blow through the gloom of hate and sadness was palpable. May we all be 'rose light and wild song' xx