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winter songs & silence

it's ok to shed your sleek waterskin awhile if you want
to breathe air, walk the dirt
even for love

it's ok to line your fingers with feathers
and your heart with skies
even to follow someone else

you are not a seabed
you are not a stone
it's ok to leave home, go home, make a new home
the only place you really belong is in your own soul

I am hungry for the white and the light, the grey and the silence. I feel I can't get enough of nothingness. I want to set up house in the sky and learn rain dialects. It seems akin to this craving I also have for walnuts - as if something, something, a mineral, a memory, is missing.

playlist for winter mornings

Lilium - Sorry
Lotte Kestner - True
The Narrative - Don't Want to Fall
Bree Tranter - Float Song
Allman Brown - Sons & Daughters
Matthew Perryman Jones - Amelia

1 comment:

  1. Lovely.... I have been craving alone time on winter mornings and watched the light come up this morning, alone, over the Piopio hills. It was heaven! My winter morning song would be Emiliana Torrini - "Birds" :) Thank you for your blog x


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