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quiet and small

I didn't mean for such a long time to pass since my last post here. Lately my writing has been quiet and small as I work on revising Deep in the Far Away; tinkering with words, with tone, reknotting the loose weave of the serial - it creates a macro focus in my mind from which it's hard to shift. So mostly my social media writing these days has involved tiny poems at instagram and on twitter.

To be honest though, quiet and small is where I am most comfortable anyway. I think there must be nothing lovelier than the peace of a garden, of a small green view, with little more to trouble you than too-short library loan periods & what to do about the caterpillars amongst your tomato plants. I've been thinking for a while now about how peace has become a luxury in this world, something it seems at times, and in some places, only the rich can afford. Even the peace of childhood - rambling barefoot through nature, not knowing how your mother got food to the table, reading adventure stories that lit up your heart - is a thing of the past for many families. And then, how many of us find peace only to have it destroyed by selfish loud neighbours?

I could write for hours about how selfishness, greed, and consumerism destroy the simplest hopes of far too many people. But it's probably better to instead give what I can of loveliness and peace.

The undersong of the landscape
30 Days Wild
Tea With Mrs Mourning Dove
Digging deep reveals the intricate world of roots
Michicant by Mree


  1. Quiet and small, and simple.. my life has now become. I've been in the hustle and bustle, of NYC, country life suits me best.
    Your posts are always full of thought. Thanks for sharing some of what you hold dear.

  2. thank you for the links, especially the tumblr account---i'm always looking on tumblr for accounts to follow that are beautiful and interesting and that lack the strong (possibly juvenile) tone of narcissism which so many of them seem to have...

    "peace has become a luxury in this world"...i think that literally daily. how sad, really. i feel so strongly that an early experience of peace---real, meaningful, beautiful tranquility and stability, drawn from kindly family and from nature and from a simple, natural environment---is key to all kinds of health.

  3. Neighbors truly effect our lives, as a blessing or the opposite. I enjoyed considering children running barefoot with meals magically appearing on the table.

  4. Oh Sarah, i laughed at the 'selfish loud neighbors'! Bless. My teens and I have all been so bothered by ours of late! This is a bit bemusing to us as, historically (we have lived in this wee home on the hill for over fifteen years now), this is a very quiet neighborhood. But! These past few weeks we have had drunken louts and screaming small children and outdoor power tools all rampaging until midnight!

    Still! The sun shines and the flowers bloom and the songbirds sing!



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