May 9, 2017

writing silence

I have been learning how to let in the light. For all that I'm a night-spirited woman, a winter woman, I love quiet and simplicity - the spaces of poetry - the calm - which I most easily find in light-loved imagery (and empty rooms, but don't get me started on that). Sometimes I can photograph it, but seldom do I manage to write it, which makes me sigh. How to achieve words that slip away into a look, a half-smile, a longing for the untouched distance? It has been my struggle for many years, put aside all too often simply so I could write.

But never write quietly enough.

I want white language. I want the stillness at the heart of the long winter night.


  1. So beautifully written as always.

  2. Oh, to write quietly enough! I want the words of a Hammershoi painting - the palette, the light, the empty rooms...

    1. wonderful painting! I'm so glad someone else can relate to how I feel :-)