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when you can't be brave

There are those moments, I'm sure you have them too, when courage flies away from the heart and leaves the mind groping for how on earth to cope. Maybe it's okay though. Maybe we don't always have to be brave. There are other things which might see us through and help us to move forward. Hope. Determination. Audaciousness. Support from others. Faith. Gentleness with ourselves. Comfort. Rest.

And maybe it's even better, sometimes, not to be brave. Instead, to allow other people the opportunity to help and comfort us. Or to give ourselves some rest. Or to acknowledge and experience our sincere pain. If a woman was forever courageous, how would the soft parts of her heart get the care they need? And how would she receive the gifts that come from wishing into the dark, having faith, surrendering, trusting someone else?

Have you ever felt your courage faltering, and instead of hoisting it back up again you've simply curled up on the couch with a warm cup of tea and piece of cake? Have you known the loveliness that comes from being tender with yourself, taking care of yourself, in such a moment? It's a blessing, and just as strengthening as any force of courage. There are so many beautiful threads of soul-weft we can gather in this life, to make ourselves rich, resilient, and well-lived.

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  1. Your words are so beautiful!

  2. Indeed, it is essential that we remain true to ourselves and that includes our emotions! It is pkay to ackowledge the fear ! It is important to say, 'yes. Yes, i am afraid," and to recieve gentle comfort and support.


  3. What a wonderful post this is.
    Thank you!

  4. Oh, yes, tea and cake. :)

  5. it makes far more sense to me to be gentle with ourselves---and others---whenever we can. life offers enough opportunities to display courage and endurance; surely it is healthier, not to mention more agreeable, to choose rest and restoration instead of pressing onward to no good end simply because our insane culture admires hardihood and busyness?

    also, i may have said it before, but i personally LOATHE that refrain of "do the thing that scares you every day" which has such currency these days... i get scared enough just driving the overcrowded roads when needed, or reading the news...

  6. That is really good and to the point post, loved the way your wrote it. Thank you for sharing such nice post and keep posting such posts


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