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love in the dark hour

It's love I see today. It's courage and compassion, which are after all the promises we are given when we enter the trials of this life. I know there is evil, but it does not own today.

In all the anguish and fear that burns through communities in this war, for it is a war, we must never lose sight of just how much goodness we live amongst. How many doors open to take us in, or bring us food and tea, how many hands are there to hold us when we bleed or weep. Even those people our society has turned against, leaving them to sleep in doorways and eat rubbish when really there are enough resources for all - these discarded people, they run into the fire to save our children. Next time you see an article headed, "what you need to know about the terrorist," look instead for the one headed, "what you need to know about the heroes" - for they are who we truly do need to know about.

Perhaps if we started to see our community as it actually is, never mind political rhetoric or media bias - if we appreciated the decency, compassion, kindness, strength, that is the main of this beautiful multicultural society, we would vote more bravely, and be more neighbourly, and love our world more dearly, confident that humankind really is good at heart, after all.


  1. oh, yes. it truly is the people who go forth to help who matter. if only we could stay focussed on the good, as you say.

    what a world, though. good and bad, what a world.

  2. Amen, dear Sarah, Amen! A colleague of hubby's was at the concert with her pre-teen daughter... both are OK, but what an ordeal!

  3. Beautiful thoughts. I know there is good in this world, and somehow.. it will thrive.

  4. Just wanted to add this from today's paper. From last para. of an interview with a surgical nurse who works at one of the hospitals treating the casualties: 'A terrible thing happened, and there’s no explanation for it. But I don’t want to think about who did it. I want to focus on the good I saw and was part of on Monday night. We should focus on the love and warmth people displayed after the bomb, and on those who helped those affected, like the homeless guys who gave people directions after the bomb, and not on those who do things like this.'

    1. thank you for that, Claire.

      And thanks to everyone who has left a comment lately. I have been busy with my latest writing project, and neglected this little webspace more than I intended. I do read your notes though, and appreciate them so much.

    2. Good to know you're busy writing, Sarah, which means eventually more of your wonderful words will make it into the world, so don't worry about neglecting this space for the time being :) x


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