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living in a fairytale

I have been reading the fairytales of Hermann Hesse, who wanted to make his own life a fairytale and wrote from his difficulty in doing that. But perhaps it is a thing for the dishwashers and dreaming poets of the world, this making wild-scented story from everyday life. Perhaps it is something that is best achieved in living small and quiet. The woman who sweeps carpets and folds laundry knows about Mother Hulda's scrutiny, and how our hands make the words our hearts let out. The man who studies small churchyard flowers so as to write small pagan poems of them understands about hidden treasures and their feral protectors. Fairytales do also happen in offices and universities, for scientists and kings. But we have to go so very quietly to hear their rhythm.

She taught me how to count time like a bird. Steady, slow, days looping into months into a year which looped in upon itself. Then she taught me rabbit time, with its back and forth. And all the ways of marking time out there in the meadow and the hills until I forgot human time and that's what she wanted, she said. "Time is not real," she said. "It is just us telling stories out of heart beats and plant shoots."

from the Storyteller of Cyriae, in Driftways

art : Arianrhod, my favourite goddess, from one of my favourite books, Castles by Alan Lee


  1. i love that passage at the end...

    perhaps it is the very ordinariness of quiet days and the immersion in timeless rhythms of service or praise of life that make the fairytale world resonant? so many of the main characters in fairytales are living quietly, hidden or disguised or cast down or cursed...they spend their days in quiet, repetitive work, dreaming perhaps, in a timeless state. much like any usual person's life, i'd say? at least, anyone who works about a house, garden, or farm, or with children or those needing care. and tales are always best when what we love and serve informs our words.

    perhaps the magic of it is encoded in the simple phrase, "once upon a time..."

    1. such interesting thoughts, and I agree with you, especially your last sentence :-)

  2. I do love a good fairytale!

  3. Sweet Sarah, it's always such a delight to visit you. Thank you for putting a smile upon my face :)

    I must tell you that I simply love your background. You see, I had some fabric that looked just like your floral print and I made several sweet things with the fabric.

    Happy weekend to you! Hugs!

    1. How lucky for you! I haven't been able to find such delicate fabric lately, everything is so bold and bright.

      Its always lovely to hear from you dear Stephanie, thank you :-)


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