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in the wild church

The ocean's sky every morning seems like a hallelujah to me. 

It is cold enough here these days for a blanket and a hot water bottle as I write in the long quiet of the morning. Sunrise slips over my milk-white walls, hallowing the hour. My curtains become luminous. Only a week or two ago, I was squinting against the fervid brightness. Now it is gentle, mellow - the love of an older man, with his hard-earned wisdom, rather than the passion of the young summer king. It has the steady, calm certainty which no longer sees tenderness as a risk but a strength; it has too the promise of the storm.

But I know most of you are in spring now, and so for you I will share a poem by the incomparable Jacqueline Durban, whose heart is as golden and generous as the dreaming of a honeybee. Please do visit her beautiful online place.

I find Her in the psalm of sun on skin,
in turning my face towards the light in early spring,
in the honeybees who worship at the altar of our cherry tree,
in crow's dark wing against the vivid blue of sky and sea.

It's then I know that prayer is in my bones,
in my cells dividing, quickening, allowing space
for the never-ending wilding song of grace
that breaks through winter's frozen state
and sets my bloodsongs free to sound and shine.

I know that sister starling prays Her better still than I
with whirr and click that cleaves the day to life,
her feathers gone to stars, and yet I try
to find the words for how it feels
to see the first petals against snow
and what that means to light,
to fall in love with what wind means to wings,
and peace to night.

And this black ink I use to write is whispering cormorants
I wonder just how deeply I can dive...

(Jacqueline Durban, 27th March 2017)

 art by kay leverton


  1. Oh, I have become speechlessly teary-eyed and don't know what to say! Thank you for your lovely words about me and for including me in a piece of writing that includes your own deep and wild word weaving, which has made me swoon a bit. I am going to write the word 'fervid' down! Thank you so, so much. Love to you and the edge of winter xxx

    1. I am just a small quiet person in the far away lands, it is an honour to share your beautiful wise words.

  2. Sarah, thank you for sharing your nature observations, your writing ways, your soul, and this gorgeous poem.

    Where I live spring is cold and wet and sometimes even snowy. The wind blows hard and often, and blankets and hot water bottles are frequent necessities. Every fifth or sixth day the sun comes out and gilds everything with warmth and promise for a few bright hours before clouds darkens the sky again. The earth that was hard as a stone a month ago is rain-softened now and greening. The trees are full of birds and the grass with rabbits.

    Is there an uglier word than "blog"? (Maybe "website".) Neither is right for describing your lovely space here, which reminds me of an old fashioned tearoom--a place of homely beauty and refreshment; or of the delicate pages of a well-loved, and illustrated, vintage book; or of a sun-dappled, daisy-speckled spot on a river bank under a willow tree. In any case, it's worth my quiet minutes. ♥

    1. I so much agree with you dear Sue, blog is an appalling word, and I use it as rarely as possible. I don't much like journal either, for that only came into my vocabularly quite late in life, and seems to modern to me. And yet this space is not quite a diary either ...

      Anyway, thank you so much for your lovely kind words which truly warmed my heart :-)

  3. such a lovely poem. thanks for sharing it here. it's always nice to find more like-minded souls scattered about the world...

  4. Ah the human Honeybee has guided me yet again to another beautiful place to feed my soul...and introduced me to another deep and gentle soul..... thank you both for being a blessed oasis in a world that sometimes feels so bleak

  5. Thank you Sarah for these beautiful words, soulful stories- you are balm on my soul. I woke up feeling negative about work but now i feel ready to take it all on. And yes "blessed oasis".


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