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if we were to go walking

If we were to go walking together, and talking in the quiet morning before stopping for tea and biscuits (perhaps throwing most of the biscuits to swans on the pond or sparrows in the wild grass), we might not say much that was special, because I am shy and cautious. But if we were kindred spirits, then we might talk about the poetry of light upon the landscape, the mood of the trees, memories of books, and what magical things we could see or almost see, and so much more besides. And we'd do a lot of not-talking too, gazing at skies or the smallest wildflowers - if we were kindred spirits. We'd each have a book in our bag of course, and paper and pencil for writing or drawing. We'd be in no hurry.

And it would be morning by preference, so there was the afternoon for remembering, resting, and letting the experience mellow into story.

illustration by jessie m king
quote by mary anne radmacher


  1. Thank you for this. I will indeed try again tomorrow, and again the next day, and the next.

  2. I too am very shy, yet I would love a morning's wandering
    with you. ♥

  3. I have this quote written on a piece of card on my desk...
    And what you describe is EXACTLY what my friend and I were doing on Saturday around the grounds of Sandringham :D Such gentle joy, indeed!

  4. This is just how I like to go about my days (when I can), quietly with a book, paper, pencil, tea and dreams.

    Love and hugs ♥

  5. OH! i have an original print of that image at the top! ("love's golden dream") i've never seen it anywhere else...

    i don't know why, but this makes me happy.

  6. This sounds like the perfect way to spend a day


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