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wild-smiled men and butterfly girls

A cup of tea, rain against my window; this is a perfect Sunday morning. I could happily sit for hours, warm and cosy on my sofa, and dream of faeries ... which is just as well since that is what I have to do, for the composing of Suburban Magic. Someone said to me the other day the wisest thing I've ever heard - you have to grow roots before you can grow branches. That's certainly true in life, but I've found it true also when writing. I now never sit down to a manuscript without having spent some time browsing beautiful imagery, preparing my mind and heart.

I hope you are having your own perfect kind of day. 

The moon children are walking suburban streets, half-lost amongst our ordinary. You think you don't see them, but really they are nothing like ordinary, and you simply don't understand what you are noticing. The old odd hat. The eyes like gold. They try but they don't get it quite right. They are otherwordly, ancient story. They traipse that story through our lives and leave us glints of wild enchanted poetry.


17 pages


1. The Old Woman of Winter
2. Tinker, Trickster, King
3. The Weeping Woman
4. Dreaming of Wings


  1. rain, tea, a blanket, a good book. That would be my idea of heaven.
    Hope all is well with you.

  2. Sounds like a beautiful day, the rain against the window, tea. I too want to sit and dream of faeries, to dream into the otherworld. If I don't have time and space for this, I start to feel unhappy. It's some kind of food for our soul, isn't it.

  3. cocooning with my daughter who is home on break from uni. we had a long and tiring weekend visiting my parents--- long driving to and from, and helping them prepare for a move even farther away... we beat the east coast storm system back home, and now are more than happy to sit quietly as the sleet ticks against roof and windows.

    "roots before branches", oh, yes. truth.


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