wandering, scattering seeds and flowers

This is the last week for the Suburban Magic series, and I'm grateful for all your support. (You can still subscribe even now, and once it's finished you will be able to get the whole package of six issues as one.) It's been more time consuming than I expected, and I'm rather looking forward to returning to the quiet, gentle work of novel writing!

Because I've been so focussed on the essays, I haven't been able to write much here. So as a filler, here are some links to my other places and also to some posts I've published before.

I'm writing sort-of-poetry on instagram.

I'm on twitter, where people seem to like this tweet today : If all shy, soulful young women who dreamed of becoming writers for a living actually could do that, imagine the library we would have. (Some people have asked why they can't. I suspect those are people who have never had to deal with the behemoth that is the publishing industry, and for whom one rejection letter may be a crushing blow - even if they get so far through their shyness and sensitivity, not to mention the dissuasion of other people. And then there's the difficulty of actually making a living from writing, especially if you want to remain true to yourself and write shy, soulful things.)

Knitting the Wind also has a facebook page, where you will mostly find links. 

How to write poetically consistently remains my most popular post.

The wild ways of stone and soul is a post about my summer home.

The dark heart of summer. I love Catherine Hyde's paintings in this post.

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