in the house of memory and dream

Once an old woman lived in this little brick cottage by the sea. I don't know if she loved it here, but her children certainly now love it for her sake, and I can feel that love settled into the walls and making the carpet soft. I've wanted to modernise, but it never quite works: the old woman spirit requires cozy furnishings, perfume instead of fragrant smoke. So I've tried the opposite, to make it more vintage (surely prefered by an old ghost?) but that doesn't work either. I'm welcome here, but I think the house lives deep in memories I don't share. And oddly enough, it's not too keen on books. I bring them out, stack them on shelves, and within a month they find their way back into cupboards.

This week's issue of Suburban Magic is all about domestic magics. I hope you have been enjoying the series so far; remember, you can subscribe at any time.


19 pages

1. The Monster in the Cupboard
2. Sorrow for Anne Frank
3. Under the Elm Trees
4. Shop Spirits
5. Feral Spirits in Forgotten Houses
6. After The Old Weeping Tree

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