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ghost dreams and lost music

Now is an inbetween moment, as the day becomes night and storm dissolves the quiet sky. Soon rain will begin falling; soon, unseen behind the clouds, will be starlight. I am sitting in the dark, waiting, and dreaming of French music hidden behind a stack of books, unheard until it was too late - Satie's lonely music, inspired by city rain falling from wider, colder skies than my own.

I love how he had so much silence between his songs. And I love the same thing in people's lives. The faded hopes and unwritten poems. Just because they weren't played out in sound, in muscle and bone, doesn't mean they didn't have a kind of life of their own. They are ghost dreams. Transparencies. Like light falling through a window : not everything is meant to be held. We need silences as much as music in order to be whole.


  1. The most fabulous thing ever written xxx

  2. Simply beautiful... thank you x

  3. That is so wonderfully written. Thank you.

  4. I'm thankfully lost in the beauty of these words.... I will just let them drift over me. :)

  5. i tell my yoga students that the still or restful poses, along with the final relaxation, are as integral to the yoga practice as the silences between notes in music.

    everything is a dance of opposites; seen and unseen, lost and kept, inhale and exhale, sound and silence, light and dark, expressed and merely thought or observed...

    i think of the things we experience but do not express as part of the groundwork, the vocabulary, for things we do express eventually. a richness of felt life behind that which we speak forth. not less real, certainly...yes...

  6. thank you everyone for your lovely thoughtful comments. I dont always have time to reply to each but I so much appreciate hem all.


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