waiting for magic

In the summer heat, and with a computer that has begun struggling, I've been working to be ready for presenting my new project this week. It's been more effort than I expected. Document problems have mostly been my bane, but then again it's not easy doing anything when the air is squelchy and there's barely any hope for storms.

But I do hope to have something on offer in the next few days, for better or worse. Something small, quiet, and strange. If you have ever seen a dragon amongst the trees, or met the king of the wayward fairies on a city street, or wished to at any rate, this series of writing may interest you. And if you agree that the issues of refugees and oil pipelines and patriotism matter, this series may have something to say to you also. Keep checking back to see when it's ready.

Night has fallen since the beginning of my writing here and now my looking up. It has turned the world to a magician's curtain, a poet's dream. I could go outside and soak in it, and becoming softened with quiet mystery. I could light a candle for a star. Have a good night or good morning, where ever you are.

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  1. Evocative photo for a book lover. . . I am interested in small, quiet, and strange offerings. . . love the idea of lighting a candle for a star. . .thank you for these words and images.


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