the language of a new year

I stood at the sea on the long last day of the year, and I tried not to weep. It wasn't easy. I don't weep so much for the voices of evil as for the silence of the good. But the sea was beautiful, old, and for that moment gentle. The sky went on and on, a contented ghost of the ocean. I'll find my hope in that, and try to hold on to tides, breezes, wild songs and wild dreams. 

This morning the new year, is calm and seems friendly. And of course the year itself holds nothing against us, but yearns for us to do all the good we can for ourselves. I don't believe in having a word of the year, I want instead to untangle the words 2017 has threaded through its light and its quiet shadows. I know they will be, as they always are, hope, promise, offering, opening, love.

Here are some lovely things to inspire you for 2017 ...

Allman Brown and Liz Lawrence : Sons and Daughters  music
Holly Lucero : Monstrous Dogs  art
The Soul of Bones  folklore
A letter from Gaza to Standing Rock  humanity
Foxy Chest  etsy store


  1. Good thoughts. Happy New Year.. may we find it filled with peace and love. ♥

  2. thank you for the links!

    wishing that all the words you untangle from the coming year are peaceful, nurturing ones...


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