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an offering of morning stars

This morning I stepped out to the cold gentleness just before dawn. A filament of moon hung above the distant pines. Stars freckled the dark like promises drawn out of the sea and left up there to inspire us, sea-children that we are, sky-dreamers that we are. I found myself wishing the world could always be cold, gentle, starlit. Maybe not the world around me, for then how would gardens thrive? But the world inside my heart.

We are coming into difficult days. I have thought a lot about what I can contribute towards the effort for peace, especially as I believe it will now take an extraordinary shift to dislodge the awfulness that has clamped on to certain places in the West, and that is even now encircling other places with intent. I am not a person to sit quietly, I am a talker, an educator. But I also have a deep sense that we're standing on a precipice, and that whatever I offer at this moment will also be a gift to me, a reflection of my better self.

And so, although I refuse to carry on writing ordinary loveliness as if everything is normal and fine, I would like to provide whatever gentle, strengthening beauty I can. Like a star in the cold morning. Like birdsong in the Dark Swamp we are right now travelling through.

I steadfastedly believe that we need a sword-bearer to protect us, and a tracker to show us wise ways, and a herbwife to find us nourishment in the bog ... but we need too reminders of why we are making this journey.

For listen, the Swamp is full of song. And it is strung with a thousand undiminishing stars. They were hung there by the Swamp monsters. We are not fighting the Swamp monsters. We are fighting those who would drain rich brown waters, pull out mangroves, and make a desert so they can sell the dirt to each other as gold.

The beautiful, tender-hearted art is by Alla Tsank


  1. That artwork is stunning. Thank you for sharing it. And your words :-) so strong and eloquent.

  2. Such lovely words and artwork. I wonder if we can bring some light to the world, in small ways, even through our writing.

  3. I love that art. It's from fairy-tale land. I love the sentiments here and I really liked the unexpected reversal of the Swamp monsters.

  4. This is a deeply meaningful blog post. Thank you. Your last sentence is so "spot-on" that I got a strange shiver reading it. It is too true.

  5. Ancient words paired with this art is healing in its beauty, just what I needed, physically/mentally going through a difficult time. I could look at this art and read your words forever and feel better. Thank you.

  6. such beautiful art. thank you.

    nodding in agreement with what you have shared.


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