the christmas spirit

I saw him anew, a day too late : an old and gentle man walking the wild secret ways, with a buck at his side to carry him when he needs carrying, when his back begins to hurt or the time seems to be running out - a buck with eyes like whatever lies beyond the moon, and a pelt the texture of shyness.

I saw him lugging love around the world. And his sack is not full of gifts, for as we know the parents provide those. His sack is full of stars. Tiny soft silvery stars which he places in the sleeping eyes and the open hearts of people everywhere. The stars are wishing, hoping, loving, joyousness. They are what make peace.

He is the dream beneath a hundred legends. I may not believe in Santa Claus, but I can easily and certainly believe in him.

The illustration is by Jan Pashley. Click on her name to visit her website and view more of her beautiful, endearing Christmas artwork. I hope your Christmas was everything you needed it to be.


  1. So beautiful, Sarah. I hope your Christmas was filled with stars, and love. ♥

  2. Magic words as always Sarah. Thanks for sharing.