a motto for a free woman

I don't always believe in freedom. Not unlimited freedom. I believe we are better when we care about each other, and when we allow our hearts to be guided by an older wisdom than our own desires.

But I do think this too ... that when they come at you with their judgments, their opinions and suggestions, you could respond : And? 

Over and again, and? - until they provide a reason which satisfies you as to why your hair colour, body size, reading preferences, relationship status, clothing choices, are any of their business.




  1. This is great advice. And I like to think of freedom as needing to be teamed with responsibility. They must work together.

  2. I hear you. We can be free, even when 'locked' in responsibilities. We all have the freedom to take care of each other. Being without someone to care for is the real prison, and that includes taking care of ourselves. True freedom is being free of internal police, or mental prison guards holding us confined: guilt, shame, fixed images or beliefs made for us, anxiety, to name a few. Or fear of freedom itself. True freedom is found in ourselves, in our longing desires , amidst all the circumstances or responsibilities.

    Love the 'and' advice. That sums it all up!

    warm greetings from the Netherlands

  3. All I can say to this is YES! Yes, to more caring about each other, but allowing them the freedom to live their
    best lives and supporting their choices. Thank you for
    sharing your light, we are all the much brighter for it!