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when all the world is the dark forest

"What will you do now?" asked the crone.

"Who will you be again?" asked the fool boy. 

"Who will you help with what you have learned, here in the dark forest?" asked the wild man with the sun on his heart and the great white sword.

"Anything," said the woman. "Anyone. Everyone. If I can." 

"If is a dream in the darkness," said the crone. "Try is a solid road."

"But I'm tired, and the whole of me hurts."

The crone grinned. "I didn't say it was an easy road." 

The boy shrugged. "You could just go home." 

And the man with the sun on his heart, he sighed. "Or you could come with us through the forest, seeking lost souls, helping them sing their way back to themselves." 

The woman sat straighter, although her spine felt still clogged with pebbly dirt, and her heart felt chewed by monsters, and her feet ached. "I would like to try that," she said. "But I have nothing to offer." 

The man smiled. "You have the memory of sorrow. That is more than enough."

from A Womanful of Bones, one of the little stories in The Coracle Sky.


  1. Thank you, just what my heart needed today...

  2. So beautiful <3 i love your writings... I think I may have asked this before but what's stopping you from getting some physical books made? They would go down such a treat i'm sure! x

    1. I would dearly love to! But they are fundraisers, and all profit from them goes directly into the fund. If I was to print the books, and then post them out, they would cost over $20 each, perhaps a lot more, and almost none of that would be profit. Postage from down here at the edge of the world is crazy expensive. I really don't have the confidence that many people would want to pay such a sum for one of my little books.

      I know I could print them through some online company that would then post them out for me, but again they would take a cut and that would diminish even further the funds raised.

      I am a very quiet person (except on Facebook, where I am currently ranting about WWIII and the US election) so don't have anywhere near what it takes to approach a mainstream publisher with my works. Maybe one day someone will approach me. Probably not.

      I also know there are a multitude of clever ways I could manage the costs of printing, and I'm considering looking into schemes such as Patreon. But that takes time and right now I'm occupied with writing the next book, homeschooling my child, and preparing for the war ;-)

      Thank you so very much for asking, and for your kind compliment.

    2. Thanks for the detailed reply, yes I see your dilemma! Are all the books you write fundraisers?

    3. I also dream of having your books in physical form. And even on kindle :) But physical books would be amazing.

    4. Kindle means no photographs and no cover the way I want it and no font the way I want it. Kindle is way too restrictive for me. Sorry!

    5. Yes, I understand that :) I love your pictures. I might buy your books in paperback, even if they were expensive.

  3. And I love this little story you wrote. I feel I'm in a dark forest myself right now...Looking for some light between the trees.

    1. I am sorry to hear it. But may I offer gently that the darkness and the undergrowth will be rich with goodness for you. Have courage! ((Hugs))

  4. all of us are in the dark forest together. some just haven't realized it yet. and there are some for whom *together* has no meaning.

    thank you. i need to see that man with the sun in his heart...


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