the power of women

Do not think you have a strong spirit in you, woman. That's not right. You have a strong spirit around you, holding you - you live inside of it. And your spirit flows out like the branches of a wild rose bush, weaving itself through the spirits of other things - through family, and sunlight, and trees, and ghosts. And they weave themselves through your spirit. If you ignore them, you will never understand yourself.

The events at Standing Rock in Dakota have been in my heart very strongly. Even as a white woman, the daughter of immigrants (colonialists), I feel I have a right to be touched by the concerns of this far away place, because I am most truly of all a daughter of Motherearth.

When evil is arising with such power in this world, at this time, the actions of protectors are so very important to at least keep the balance, maybe even tip it gently into hope.

This morning, I read two facebook posts about Standing Rock which threaded through my spirit like long brown feathers from long brown dreams of a faraway sky. The first was like a blessing. The second I would share here for you ....

The area of Standing Rock was named thus after a chiefly woman, who when her husband told her he wanted to move to other grounds with her and his other wife, she refused to go and stood her ground with her baby on her back.

Our small group of First Nations women in this video both witnessed and experienced an imbalance of energy both at the camp and on the frontline. Water protectors and warriors often approaching the enemy in an aggressive, angry, uncontrolled manner and this is a weakness. We also saw how prayer on the frontline can be misinterpreted by the enemy as a weakness due to eyes being closed or to the ground or sky.

We didn't go to the frontline that morning with the intention of performing this haka. Ko te tino kaupapa a tō mātou whikoi i taua ata ko te mahi tiro makutu...we went to pass on the timeless, powerful and successful intentions of our ancestors by staring them in the eye.. and the haka is what took place within that action. Our advance both forwards and back was very slow and very intentional. By the time we performed the haka, all of DAPL had come down from the urupā at the top and were watching.

Mana Wahine - it is the integrity, the potency and the power that belongs to women and women alone. The ancestress of Standing Rock herself embodied this and as women we can tune into and draw strength from this. Our greatest weapons are our eyes, the intentions behind them.. our minds.. our hearts.. and our hips.

This is a call to the First Nations women of Standing Rock.. WĀHINE MĀ.. SISTERS! Continue to link arms together, strategise and take quiet action under the guidance of the elders of Standing Rock who stand for Mana Wahine. This is a manmade war, stemming from mans' struggle for power and control and as the bearers of mankind we as women have the inherent ability to affect the required change. Look to the stories of your ancestors, be they male or female and the answers lie within.

TAANE MĀ... BROTHERS - we need you also - please have the courage and humility to support our women in their stand...!


Credit for this piece ... and the video of the haka ... belongs to this page.


  1. Thank you for this inspiration! Such a sad story about the Dakota pipeline.

  2. beautiful, beautiful.

    we are all children of the mother earth. if we are not broken in some way, we all can feel the injustice being done. i feel also great gratitude to all the people from all over the world who have rallied around standing rock in support. we need it, truly, we do.

  3. thank you for shining light into the darkness

  4. A day for tears. I've read many stories today about the women, our sisters, protecting the precious water for all of us, each story deeply moving. Thank you for sharing these. Here is another:


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