the king of light and love

Now is the season of the summer king. Every day lately, the sky has felt like a celebration. The earth has clothed herself in flowers for him, for she is his priestess and his wife (I do not say his queen, for she is queen in her own right, although he is her king.) I stand between them and feel luscious and warm with their love.

As a new moon rises into Beltane, and the young King takes his golden crown, I feel joyous, as if my heart dances even while I sit properly still amongst the sensible people. I know summer will drain me of it all - joy and strength and creative forces. I will become as pale and dry as the grasses. But that is life, and that is the purpose of the seasons. After summer will come autumn to cool me, to rub away my dryness and break me so I will bud anew. Right now, the King is here with his beautiful smile and stormy eyes and scars and his heart wild for love. And I can not help but skip in the encompassment of that love - that wild-lit storm-wrinkled wide wonderful sky, while beneath me the Old Woman lies sleeping, and from her breath and bones grow dreams to seed a long white summer sky.

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  1. I feel the same as you. Summer is magical to begin with, but by the end I am so over it. Still, I have come to love each season for what it brings; and even though I get tired of summer, I still feel wistful for it when autumn arrives.

    1. our summers are so overwhelming that by the end I am desperate for autumn - which sadly only lasts about a month, or perhaps you could say its first two months are so hot and dry and claustrophobic, they are nothing like autumn should be. Every year it gets worse and worse. Soon I fear NZ will have only two seasons - the long dry and the short wet.

    2. It's much like that in Australia too. I heard a scientist say recently that if you are 30 or younger, you have never experienced a normal temperature month! Things are changing, and have been for a long time. I'm so glad I live in the mountains where the temperatures are a little more bearable. I would not survive down on the plains.

  2. Such delicate beauty, thank you. Will spend time reading all your posts. Winter is drawing closer here, which is a different kind of king :)


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