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the graceful bones of love, of words

All morning it has been raining. In the language of the garden, this is happiness.

- Mary Oliver

This fountain pen was brought to me from the Vincent Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. I actually use it. There is an enchantment in the scratching, in the slow dip for language in old ink; I love to see how words shape themselves naturally on the page, some swelling with gentleness, others barely visible but just as powerful nonetheless. It could be a metaphor, but I only mean it to be a few words about words.

Make what you will of my words, and of the world.

| the labels for this post are love, writing, poetic, rain.  when you write what you love, you tend to write your truth. |


  1. What a beautiful pen! I use fountain pens almost exclusively. I think they make my writing more beautiful (not just my penmanship).

    I love the last line of this post.♥

  2. I often write with my old dip pens... the slow rhythm of dipping and writing gives me time to think... to be mindful of the words I'm forming...
    The Mary Oliver quote perfectly describes the weather as I type this. I marvel how green our English garden still is this late in November!

  3. i love fountain pens---they are my favorites. and my dip pen works beautifully. i love all the colors of ink--emerald, violet, crimson! the only downside is in my life, cats occasionally traverse desks. desks occasionally have open ink bottles. the intersection of cats, desks, and ink bottles occasionally ruins things...



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