strong women rising and singing

These past few days have been terrible and wonderful. I won't talk right now about the terrible things - although I do plan to keep on protesting until evil has been undone. One thing I've learned over the years is that love can inspire action, love can guide action, love should always be at the heart of all things - but only if it is not a passive thing. It must be given a voice, it must be shaped by hands, made into a dance, storified, tweeted, marched. Sometimes love turns over tables, tears down walls, and says no. Sometimes too it is quiet and comforting, holding the warm space at home.

We need all possible kinds of love.

Today I want to share the wonderful, the love.

Sharon Blackie invokes the Cailleach in her appeal to re-remember women's stories told with women's voices.

The NZ Green Party, my own political party, will not smile and politely accept hate.

Neither will Nicola Sturgeon.

A time for refusal : don't become a rhinoceros.

More than three and a half million have signed this petition to the Electoral College.

Fall : a poem by Melissa Wiley.

The Last Harvest of the World : a story by Sylvia Linsteadt.

Thoughts for the tender-hearted by Hillary Rain.

A beautiful, sad Praise Song.

The healing crisis by Asia Suler.

I hope you have a wonderful, loved day.


  1. Thank you, a country/world breaking down to break through.

  2. thank you for these!
    especially, especially the hillary rain piece.

  3. I believe how we respond to evil makes all the difference. Listening, learning, understanding--this is the path that will help us to respond rightly (and for the right reasons). In America, some people are turning their anger into rioting and violence:
    Until people understand the real issues at hand and hold the policy makers accountable, evil will reign while the rest of us devour one another. The whole American political process is corrupt; there are NO politicians who are for the people or for the Earth (with the exception [perhaps] of Bernie Sanders...but, honestly, I am not so sure). They are all working hard for corporate interests--ALL of them:

  4. Beautiful! Thankyou for lovely things to read on my Sunday. xx

  5. thinking of you and all in NZ just now---hoping things aren't too bad. read about the earthquake and tsunami this to your beautiful and kindly country!

  6. Hoping you are keeping safe... thoughts are with your beautiful country xx

  7. Hoping you are safe and well. Praying for your beautiful country as it once more must face repairs and rebuilding. {{hugs}}

  8. Thank you everyone.

    Claire and Ellie, yes I am safe, I really appreciate your concern, our country is beautiful and so are its people for the most part. We will get through this together. <3


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