far away and closer

All day I have been shuffling words. They clack clack against my fingerbones, until finally I throw them all away from me. Inbetween their long wild rising and their fall I find what I've been looking for.

I shall go down to a beach in my mind. I shall become half invisible behind the high sharp grasses at the edge of New Zealand. And when I have dragged drowned things from the dark waters, and when the stars are all buried in the hills, and when I am a story right through me, then I'll know how to shape that heart-stopping, breath-holding moment of silence into words that lie gently in my hands, surrendered and ready for dissection.



  1. beautiful.

    do you realize your header is gone?

    1. thank you.

      yes. i wanted to create calm space. the header picture is in the footer section. :-)

    2. one more thing...
      do you know that one can only find a way to leave a comment if they click on the title of the post, otherwise it does not show a comment option.

      I do love your header art (above or below) such a lovely piece your daughter created.

  2. Thank you for letting me know, but actually if you click on "marginalia" it will take you to the comments section :-) It's an old fancy of mine which I've brought forward from some of my weblogs from the past years.

    Yes, I love the image too, I feel very blessed that she gifted it to me.