every moon is a miracle

She comes out of the sea like a droplet of old, golden memory - like all the things you've thrown away, salted and soaked and given back to you for night dreaming and long, wordless wishing. She is the goddess of self-reconciliation. And what she offers is a promise that nothing is lost, nothing is ruinous, all broken hearts may go into the deep and come back golden.

 sally mann

I drove once to the highest place I could find to see the super moon. I don't do that kind of thing any more. Living on the floodplain these past three years, down by the horizon, I have seen hundreds of moons, and every one of them was beautiful. Fat corn-goddess moons. Fine-boned maiden moons that seemed to have been woven from the luminosity of wet shells on dark shores. The size did not matter, only her soul. For me, looking out my kitchen window every night, wondering what the sea and sky had born this time, it was always about the moon. Not about me, not about mathematical astronomy. Just the old, serene magic of the moon, the daughter of water, the daughter of earth dreaming.

Listening to Francesca Mountfort, thanks to Antoinette. 


  1. Lovely moon thoughts. Is everything OK where you live, been hearing about the earthquakes and thought of you - hope you're not affected and are safe.

  2. I am ok, thank you so much for your concern. I dont live in the affected area. NZ is a very trembly little country, we are used to this kind of thing. :-)

  3. Every moon is a miracle! We need to remember that.


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