a wind-shaped woman

This is a little piece my daughter wrote elsewhere, and I asked if I might share it here with you, including her photograph. She's seventeen (where did the time go?) and has already travelled further than I've ever been.

i once went sailing. yes, i did literally go sailing.

it was quite a sunny day. the jetskiiers whizzed around, their clean straight wakes pushing my craft and I aside. sadly for them, they wouldn't have noticed the tiny penguins, or the waves between the waves that suggest a secret wind.

i kept sailing, further and further out, past the loud engines. i knew I was too far out to sea, but i couldn't resist the call of the sea spirits. i couldn't help but be drawn just a few feet past the horizon. maybe home was there.

just a bit further, just one more gust then i was going back. just one more gybe, one more tack, one more run. okay, the next gust then back to shore ...

eventually, it was time to go home. i thanked the wind and waves and sailed back to stable ground. maybe another time, i'll pack some supplies, put on a cozy jacket, and sail past the horizon.


  1. Very much her mother's daughter :)

  2. Ah, there are two writers in your house! This piece evokes such a positive feeling of wonder and hope: ..."maybe another time I'll...sail past the horizon". As a woman who has never gone sailing, your daughter's writing and photograph thrilled me!

    1. LOL, what I meant is that *I* have never been sailing, but your daughter's piece "took" me there with her.


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