singing for the sacred places

the earth is our shared dreaming

I've seen it written lately that the battle between rival political forces worldwide is a contest between progress and fear. But it seems to me that it's just the dragon and the troll fighting each other, and we're all transfixed, while the true battle for our world, our future, our very spirits, in happening in places like Standing Rock. There, people and animals are singing out to remind us that we should not be concerned with whether we're going forward or backward when we haven't yet learned how to care for the places we stand.

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So many people have long believed that freedom from working the land has meant progress, prosperity. But what really has it brought us? Disconnection from the mud and magic of life.

It shows in our addiction to meaningless virtual entertainment, personal isolation, poisoned environments, and desperate, mindless gluttony that can only be supported by the mass killing of animals and nature. And it shows in the sad and frightening belief that dragon and troll are our only real choices.

The people trying to preserve Standing Rock from a dangerous oil pipe call themselves protectors, not protestors. And they are faced by armed forces who will assault and imprison them for the sake of investors unwilling to move an inch. It seems to me this civilisation will only find freedom from dragons, trolls, disconnection, and despair, when it learns that those who would protect the earth which feeds us, the waters which are our very life, are not madmen or our enemies, and those whose only motive is personal financial profit are not the ones we should be fighting for.

I stand not only with Standing Rock but with the trees along the riverbank behind my house, and the sacred Maori burial grounds that are in line for a housing development, and the poisoned seas, and the clover constantly being mowed away, and all the sacred places in this world ...

Which means all the places in this world.


  1. I stand with Standing Rock, just as I stood with the Occupy Movement and with Bernie Sanders' Political Revolution. I've given money, written letters to newspapers and politicians, and attended sit-ins. The anger I feel over the injustices being committed against the Earth and her people in the name of corporate greed at times threatens to consume me. I have to guard my heart against despair over my powerlessness. Corporations aren't afraid of letters or of human bodies holding hands across a highway. The only thing they understand is money. The only way to get their attention is to boycott their products, walk-off the job, and cancel their services. Unfortunately, there aren't enough people willing to do those things. Case in point, we have a healthcare crisis in the United States that would be solved in a week's time if everyone woke up and canceled his health insurance policy tomorrow.

    Welcome home! ♥

    1. You are completely right in all things you say here.

      Thank you for being a protecting voice (I am going to be using that phrase now rather than a protesting voice) - those of us around the world who can not sit in or stand up on the land are grateful for the people in America who do. It's a crying shame that Bernie Sanders got chewed up by the corrupt machine ... just as it was when something similar happened to Al Gore ... and my only hope is that he achieves a position, in government or out, where he can help.

  2. I agree so very much with what you're writing here. I worry about the earth, though worrying of course doesn't do much. I feel a need to look at the things I'm doing, and change, and do what I can to help, even if they're just little things.

  3. So eloquently expressed. Thank you Sarah.

  4. Blogger is so strange at the moment, when I went back into this post to edit it, it created two different versions of the post! Some people have read and commented on one version, some on the other. And yet the other is not here when you go back through older posts. I assume it is available on feed readers though.

    I fear I have somehow corrupted my html when making small changes upon returning here. Maybe some miracle will happen and I'll find a stash of rainbow gold to buy a proper domain and be free of these blogger flaws. In the meanwhile, apologies if you find your comments have strangely disappeared ... they are still out there, somewhere in the secret vault of this website ...

  5. Nofixedstars, this is my reply to your comment on the lost version of the post ...

    I wonder if you can vote early and then go to Standing Rock? At the same time, I also wonder if you could organise a protest in your own town? (I would like to do that here but don't know how to start.) And I wonder too if you can suggest to your daughter that she gets a group of friends together and they go to a local waterway with rubbish bags, and clean up the rubbish that will almost certainly be there. Or buy some seeds and spread them in places where they can grow - herbs, tiny flowers.

    However, I wish with all my heart I could be in Standing Rock right now, it seems important somehow. I cant quite say why. It feels like a fulcrum, you know?

    I can't imagine what it must be like to live in a country where half the population are willing to elect such a person as their leader.

    1. all good ideas. i have commitments here at home through the month, so going there isn't an option for me. my daughter may go herself at some point; she is 19 and very passionate about these issues too. i like the thought of doing our bit locally---we do have lots of water around, heaven knows!

      i too feel that standing rock is a ways i can't fully articulate. it tugs at me, and at others, apparently...

      as far as living here---it feels awful. those of us who are appalled by the whole situation feel literally homeless. like we woke up on another planet and don't know how to speak the language or how to get daughter has been shouted at multiple times just driving her car around, because she has a "never trump" bumper sticker, and one for hillary clinton (stuck on over the one for bernie sanders...sigh.), and some of the shouting included rape threats. i just want to pack up and go far, far away...

  6. Oh gosh that it so terrible. There's such hate in the world these days, I'm sure its worse than ever, I feel sick about it. I hope your daughter stays safe and strong. (And yes, sigh about Bernie Sanders.)