coming home to the wild sky

I have been watching the clouds this evening as they drift away across the ocean, trailing frail red light that is darkening, slowly darkening, into shadow and then night. I have been reading about old English witches who knotted the wind.

And just like that, I know it's time to come home.

When you are a wind-shaped person, change doesn't happen, and doesn't happen, until it does.

There will be a little shifting and reweaving over the next few days as I catch up with myself. I'll transfer over some of my favourite posts from Between the Woods and the Waters. Most probably I'll change the template here, although I do quite like its simplicity. And I'll write reminders for those of you who kindly followed Between the Woods and the Waters at a feed reader, and now will have to change back.

Thank you if you are still here, still reading. I can not promise that I will stay, because I am a wild sky writer ... but I will always be somewhere.

And see: the nodding quietly button is back ...


  1. I have to say, I always loved the name of this blog, though I first found your writing over at between the woods...
    Change is good, it's what we're made for whether you're a wind-shaped person or not :D x

  2. ... change doesn't happen, and doesn't happen, until it does.
    Thank you for that, today.

  3. Beautiful. Tis the time for change methinks for me and many...peace.

  4. I am doing the same, going home to my old blog, after bouncing about to many different ones. Lovely to be here again.

    1. Would you share the address with us?