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singing for the sacred places

the earth is our shared dreaming

I've seen it written lately that the battle between rival political forces worldwide is a contest between progress and fear. But it seems to me that it's just the dragon and the troll fighting each other, and we're all transfixed, while the true battle for our world, our future, our very spirits, in happening in places like Standing Rock. There, people and animals are singing out to remind us that we should not be concerned with whether we're going forward or backward when we haven't yet learned how to care for the places we stand.

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So many people have long believed that freedom from working the land has meant progress, prosperity. But what really has it brought us? Disconnection from the mud and magic of life.

It shows in our addiction to meaningless virtual entertainment, personal isolation, poisoned environments, and desperate, mindless gluttony that can only be supported by the mass killing of animals an…