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When they ask me why I use the internet when I could be reading books, wandering forests, talking to friends in coffee shops, I tell them that I do all those things but I also love the way the internet opens my life to kindred spirits and awakened dreams from right across the world. 
There is currently a meme on Facebook about mythic art, and the fact it appeared in my feed via one of my favourite artists with whom I sometimes share a word or two - this, it is magic to me. After a lifetime of feeling different, strange, alone, to have conversations within the mythic arts community is deeply heartening. I'm sharing it here today for all the people not able to talk about faery and art within their "real life" community.

Who is your favorite living mythic artist? 
So many! It would be unbearable to choose just one. But honourable mentions go to Catherine Hyde and Terri Windling.
Who is your favorite mythic artist from the past? 
Again, so many! Probably Edmund Dulac, Henry Justice Ford, Jessie King ... must stop now ... Helen Stratton ...
Who is your favorite living author?
I will say Patricia McKillip, but many others are a close second.
Who is your favorite author from the past? 
LM Montgomery. Then again, I want to nominate Enid Blyton just for the sake of The Land of Far-Beyond alone.
-What is your favorite Pre-Raphaelite painting? 
What is your favorite fairy tale? 
The Goose Girl. I wrote a version of it in Driftways.
What is your favorite ballad?
If you could go for a walk in a faerie wood with anyone, living or dead, who would you choose and why? 
My daughter, because she is herself.
If you were a faerie creature (and of course some already are), what sort would you be?
Myself, winged and home.

What item in your wardrobe makes you feel the most magical when you wear it? 
A white cotton lace underdress.
Who is a living artist who you feel isn’t as well-known as they should be? 
If we can say writing is an art, then Sylvia Linsteadt.
What are some of your totem jewelry items that make you feel magical to wear? 
I recently bought a fossiled and polished stone pendant and can feel the magic in it. Also, my silver charm bracelet.
What mythic or folkloric story resonates the most for you on a personal level? 
The story of Arianrhod and Gwydion. It speaks to me of the great mother who challenges us into our true shape, and the trickster-god who brings change into our lives but is always there to help us too with his dark wisdom and his strength.
Studded jacket or fairy crown? 
Never studs, so I will have to say the crown, but it will be made from willow and weeds.
Antlers or fairy wings (if you have to choose)? 
Fairy wings. But not the glittery pink kind. Wild, wind-shaped wings that know best the currents of old hill-shadows along the broken coast between here and the other here.
You are getting sparkling strands in your hair that look like iridescent magic. What color/s do you choose? 
Ugh. Okay, well, if I have to, something gentle and pale that seems like faint starlight or the memory of the ocean.
You have just been given an all-expense paid trip to anywhere in the world, with the caveat that it must be a spiritual pilgrimage of sorts. Where do you choose to go? 
England, Scotland, Ireland.

You have just been given $20,000, with the caveat that you must use it to support the work of artists you admire. What will you buy and by whom? 
All of Sylvia Linsteadt's writing. Melissa Wiley's books. Lesley Austin's daybook. Prints by Terri Windling. Hedgespoken raffle tickets. I could write a very long list. I have so many artists and authors I admire but no money to support them and bless myself with their art. One of these days!
Faeriecon is celebrating its ten year anniversary next year. Imagine you are attending a big celebratory ball, and you have unlimited budget to create a costume. What will you wear? 
I would not like to attend a ball, too noisy. I would rather put on gumboots and layers of linen and wool, and go sway a slow dancing walk through the forest, along the river, into the faery quiet where the music is like wind-sigh and leaf-shake.
If you could have any author’s work turned into a television show that would spare no expense, what book or series would you choose? 
To be honest, and sounding about 12 years old here, I'd love to have one of my own stories made into a tv show. Blush.
Who are your favorite children’s book authors and illustrators who you feel really capture magic? 
The classic artists, HJ Ford, Rackham, etc.
What song do you feel best bares your soul? 
It depends on which day you ask me. Cancion de la Noche by Matthew Perryman Jones, probably.
Name five singers/musical groups who feel like your own personal brand of magic when you listen to them. 
Matthew Perryman Jones, Matt Corby, Clannad, Mariee Sioux, Maria McKee.

You are given a choice: castle by the sea, or cozy cottage in the forest. Which would you choose? 
Cottage in the forest, but preferably it would have wheels.
You go walking in an extremely magical area of nature and have an incredibly spiritual experience. What item of gratitude do you choose to leave for the spirits/fey/nature? 
What grows or would grow in your enchanted garden? 
Roses. Long grass. Weeds. WIldflowers. Trees and trees and more trees.
If you were making Stone Soup, what ingredients would you ask for? 
Who is your top mentor/inspiration in the creative arts you wish to pursue? 
The west wind.
Name an interstitial artist whose work is hard to put into one category, but who you think is phenomenal. 
For doing a favor for the King of Faerie, he offers you your own house fey. What sort of house fey do you choose and what would they do? 
I'm not sure I would trust the King of Faerie, but if the contract was air-tight then a housekeeper (although sometimes she would let me sweep the floors myself, since there is a magical feeling in sweeping.)
What quote best encapsulates your spiritual goals and beliefs?
Let yourself become living poetry. - Rumi.

If you do this meme yourself, let us know the link so we can read your answers. Also, I've noticed that since I've installed this latest template, comments have diminished. I welcome your feedback on the utility of the template and your preferences. 


  1. Sarah - this made for very interesting reading and opened my eyes to a lot of people I had never heard of - I shall have to look further into them all. As regards the template I personally love the design - but unfortunately when I read it on my iPad it veers to the left and misses some of the content. Thank you for your regular visits to my weblog - I am so glad I found you this year. I don't know if you celebrate Christmas but if you do I hope you have a wonderful time. With best wishes Elaine.

  2. so. on. the. same. page.

    wishing you a beautiful solstice, happy xmas, and happy new year!

  3. How about a forest ball with no electric music and where you don't have to mingle unless you feel like it. No fixed space, you could just drift to and fro. I wonder how that would work, I bet the extroverts would have a panic attack herding everybody back to the glade. ;-)

    You comment section works the same, perhaps it's been less obvious where it is? And the "like" button was missing. I like to click it when my language isn't adequate to the post, but I'd like to announce my appreciation anyway.

  4. I love the idea of a cottage in the forest, with wheels. Perfect!
    Sylvia Linsteadt is a real gem. So glad I found her writing through Rima Staines, Hermitage blog last year. And yes I would buy up plenty of Hedgespoken raffle tickets too :)

  5. LM Montgomery will forever be my favorite. Emily of New Moon is pure magic.


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