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in the star-stained forest

The days have become hot and inescapably humid. I sit before the half-done loom of stories and try to breathe. Sometimes I can open the door to rain, moonlight, the exhalation of the sea. Sometimes I can smell forest in the air, and luminesence of what people call stars but I don't know - stars, planets, suns, I'm still not sure. I love how science can tinker with our bodies and our machinery, but its such a small thing to measure the sky, the inner skies, the forest and all its dark and light.

But I digress. Which I have been doing alot lately. Words constantly rambling away from the humid heart of things. Words clattering and tangling in a kind of silence. Now and again I remember - hush is more powerful and evocative than any sound.

Here are some things I have found and enjoyed this week.

On instagram, Andy Alexandre and Susan Tuttle. Today's post photograph is by Andy and can also be found in my collection of pictures which evoke for me the wild god of storms and soft love, wild love, breathing.

Are we born into trauma?

How does an introvert make a phone call?

Morven Telling describes life in a refugee camp.

Enya has a new album.

These wonderful stories by Susan Chambers.

I hope you have a beautiful day.


  1. I can understand how the humid weather can affect you - hope it cools down for you soon and you are able to untangle the words that you long to put down on paper. Thank you for the links which I will investigate shortly.

  2. Oh my goodness the heat! I live in two temperate places but remember having summers in Montreal. Oh the heat was so oppressive that it was impossible to go outside before 9pm! I don't like being too hot. I'd much rather be too cold! Off now to check out the links. I always love your links. :D

  3. Sorry that humidity has descended.... I do not do well, in humidity.


  4. Do you instagram? I will have to look for "Knitting the wind"...

    I have been cut off from IG for awhile. So very happy to be able to return, soon.


  5. My but I am chatty this morning. -smile-

    I am again inspired by your blog and Petra's.... Nice big photos! !!!!!!!

    When I go wide, I seem to confound some bloggers. But I like it! It's my blog. And I tell them, in box under my Banner, where to go to find out how to make my blog, fit their screen. :-)

    Me'thinks I am going even wider, in a few minutes.


    1. Your blog is too wide for me personally and I don't want to change my perfect screen settings ust for one site - but really its not bothersome, its your blog, you should have it however you want. Most people keep their site at a standard size to attract newcomers, but somehow I don't think you are all about growing a big audience :-) You are authentic and that is the nicest thing about you. :-)

      I used to love big photos, but I've gone off them because so often you can only see them in part - you have to scroll down to see the bottom of them because they dont' fit in the screen. I appreciate the impulse photographers have to display their beautiful work as large as possible, but size actually detracts from viewing. (Although of course too small is no good either.)

      I hope you're having a lovely morning.

  6. heat is so hard on some of us
    i have friends that thrive when it is very hot
    thank you for sharing your links

  7. Sarah, you are very, very kind to link my stories and call them wonderful. Thank you. ♥

    1. I was thinking of you just five minutes ago and hoping all is well for you. Really, I mean it about the stories. You are one of my favourite writers, absolutely and with all sincerity.


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