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gathering tales along a long & brambled pathway

Despite the night, the old river valley was not sleeping. It heaved trees and stones like sighs into the darkness, and drew down silence to feed the earth that lay still beneath weeds, and hares, and moths : all the slow, wild leaping things. In the woods, a moon hung riddled with shadow branches and moth wing, but it might have been only the earth's memory of a moon, thrown up out of bioluminesence, stone, sorrow. It might have been not a moon of any kind at all but a lamp, shining in a small dark hut deep inside the benighted world.

After a year of storms and shadows, light and deep wild love, I am finally drawing close to announcing a new project to add to our ongoing fundraiser. My hope is that it will be finished by mid-December, which is not particularly good timing but then again maybe people will be interested in getting themselves a little storybook for the festive season.

It has been quite a journey for me though unkempt lands and forests ....

A road lapped against the towered woods, just a small and worried way. It had no beginning, webbing the kingdom, the riverside towns and the cities, the village farms and meadows, stretching and shrivelling, knotting with brambles and bits of strange stories that fell from the pockets of stranger old women, getting lost and limping around itself, until it stopped in the forest.

I have walked that long road and gathered the litter along it, the tales of moons and dragons, magic and mournful oceans, wild-eyed women and lost boys. I have tried to stitch them into something, and whether I've succeeded or not isn't really for me to say - either way, the collection is almost done. And just in time, as funds are much needed for the coming summer season.

Over the next three weeks I will maybe leave tidbits of tales and also some stories-within-the-story of how I found these words, and found a whole lot more about writing and living. Or maybe I will instead hide away, shy, tongue-tied, anxious, in the roots of my dark forest, where witch-words and moon-bits keep falling in piles into my hands, my heart - of course, now that the end of the book is in sight.


  1. Sarah, I can't tell you how thrilled I am to read this. Reading the opening paragraph of this post, I realised how much I've missed reading your beautiful writing. So then to read further and learn of your new project - this has truly made me so happy! I actually made a little squee of excitement : )
    And I will be wholeheartedly one of your first customers please! Blessings and warmest wishes to you dear Sarah. xx

  2. gorgeousness, thank you as always

  3. Congratulations on nearly completing your book.

  4. I can't wait to read your book, I really can't. I want to curl up somewhere quiet with it, and hope to take it with me wherever I'll be this Advent. I hope too that you'll include some words about writing, about your process. I feel I want to learn more from you, discover more, so please don't hide :)

  5. I feel joyful anticipation.
    So happy that your book is coming together, congratulations.
    lovely post of enticing words.

  6. From these beautifully wrought words, I can only imagine how enchanting your completed stories will be. Always vulnerable to give something so much of ourselves to the world but exciting too. I'd love to read more about your writing processes :)


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